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Town Council Update: October 2019

1 October 2019

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Hadleigh Town Council has continued to make good progress over the last month, on outstanding challenges in addition to taking action on a range of new issues.

The Council’s charity committee has had its first fundraising success, securing a grant of £17,544 from the Rural Development Programme for England and Wool Towns Local Action Group, which will help to increase usage in The Guildhall by creating a new catering kitchen upstairs and updating floor coverings in part of the building.  The Council has also arranged an assessment from the Ethical Property Foundation, which advises custodians of historic buildings how to manage them effectively and sustainably.


The Cemetery Extension Working Group has been working hard to pull together all known costs relating to the cemetery extension project and, by the time this goes to print, it is likely that the Council will have released this information to the public, with details about next steps.  The Layham Road Sports Ground Working Group has also been active and its membership now includes a number of local sports groups who use the facilities at Layham Road. 


The Council has continued to comment on planning applications and has prepared a response to Babergh District Council’s consultation on the Joint Local Plan.  A number of Councillors attended a public exhibition in September, where Persimmon Homes were displaying plans to submit an application to develop 250 homes on land adjoining Ellen Aldous Avenue and Frog Hall Lane.  The Council has invited Persimmon Homes to present detailed plans at a future Council meeting.  There is more information about the proposals online at www.hadleighphase2.co.uk


Work on the new swimming pool is now well underway, with the Town Council making a significant contribution towards this project, which will create a community asset that will be used by Hadleigh residents for generations to come.  The Council’s Town Matters committee is also updating the Council’s grant policy and application process, which should be released this month and enable a fair and equitable process for community groups to request funds from the Council. 


Councillors continue to work for local residents by representing the Council on a number of local groups.  In the last month, Councillors have attended the Hadleigh Steering Group, Hadleigh Traffic Management Working Group, in addition to supporting a resident to resolve a rights of way issue and liaising with the Armed Forces on upcoming events.  The Mayor and Deputy Mayor continue to be active within the town, representing the Council at a wide range of local events.  


Recruitment of a new full-time clerk is underway and the Council has also committed to a wider review of the staffing structure to ensure that Hadleigh Town Council is sufficiently resourced to deliver on a number of these plans and future developments.  In the future, as resources increase, the Council has committed to longer office opening hours to enable increased access by local residents and significant work is being undertaken to update information on the website. 


Finally, following the workshops hosted by Hadleigh Town Council earlier this year, Babergh District Council has announced that they will be supporting the development of a “vision” for Hadleigh, which will engage local residents to create a vision, or a plan, for the town’s culture, business and economy.  The vision team has been invited to meet with the Town Council and it is anticipated there will be further opportunities for local residents to contribute their views. 


Residents can keep updated with Council news, and read minutes from all meetings and committee meetings, on our website and you can also find Hadleigh Town Council on Facebook www.facebook.com/HadleighTC and Twitter www.twitter.com/HadleighTC