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Grit Bins

12 December 2019

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It's that time of year again when we receive enquiries about grit bins, so we thought it might be helpful to clarify who's responsible for them.  Suffolk County Council looks after the grit bins and Suffolk Highways replenishes them at the start of Winter and at such intervals that it considers to be appropriate, based on resources and priorities.  

Hadleigh Town Council has provided Suffolk County Council with a list of grit bins in Hadleigh so they can be checked, but if you become aware that a grit bin is empty, or nearly empty, then you can contact their Customer Service Centre on 0345 606 6171 or use the "report it" tool on the Suffolk Highways website so that the bin can be replenished when Suffolk Highways are able to do so:  https://highwaysreporting.suffolk.gov.uk/