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Addendum to Cemetery Extension

26 March 2019

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There appears to be some concern about whether or not the Council are aware of how many plots the cemetery extension will create.

It has always been made clear that the percentage of burial, cremation and green burial plots will have to be a decision made by the Council when the work to extend the cemetery is completed. 

However for your information the land is 3.3 acres and a traditional cemetery holds approximately 1,250 burial plots per acre and, if two people are buried per plot, the capacity could potentially be up to 2,500 per acre.  An open acre of ground can hold approximately 700 green burials.  If you have a meadowland green burial area rather than a woodland then double plots are permitted which would increase the capacity.  As an indication, the guidelines given by the Association of Natural Burial Grounds charge on average £1,000 for a green burial with £600 being allocated for the plot and £400 for the internment.