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Social distancing in Hadleigh

24 July 2020

The Town Council is concerned about pedestrian safety in the Market. To ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable visit, Suffolk County Council has agreed to our request (see map overleaf) to install a TEMPORARY closure of the “Market square” on Friday mornings which will allow the market to spread out for pedestrian safety. The other end of Market Place will be made 2-way all-day every-day to allow access to the Doctor’s Surgery and other addresses.

This is a temporary measure in response to an unprecedented event, so it is inevitable that it will need some fine-tuning. We would therefore welcome your feedback on how it works.

Please follow this link to the questionnaire

Town Council Update: September 2019

1 September 2019

Twelve weeks have passed since the local elections in May and the new Town Council has had to hit the ground running. Councillors have been busy working to address some of the historic challenges faced by Hadleigh Town Council, but have also found time for new initiatives too.

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Police & Parish Forum - 14th August

12 August 2019

Hadleigh Town Council has received the following message from Suffolk Police: 

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Benton Street – Presentation 19th August 2019

16 July 2019

There continues to be significant pedestrian safety issues in Benton Street caused by vehicles frequently driving on pavements, as well as traffic flow and congestion issues. Following on from data gathering and analysis, officers from Suffolk Highways have designed several traffic management options which could be trialled and installed permanently if proven successful.

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Work set to begin on new pool

12 July 2019

Work to build a new swimming pool at Hadleigh Pool and Leisure Centre is set to begin at the end of this month.

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Hadleigh Vision

1 June 2019

Find out more about how you can get involved and help shape Hadleigh's future.

Click here to read more about this event being held on 25th June.

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Update on the Layham Road Sports Ground proposed new pavilion

10 May 2019

Babergh District Council, as the Local Planning Authority, has given notice that Planning Permission has been granted in accordance with the application particulars.

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Public Announcement

1 May 2019

After a long period of absence on sick leave our Town Clerk, Carol Bailey, has decided to take early retirement from the Council’s employment. Having started as our Town Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer in 2006, we would like to thank her for past service and loyalty to the Council and to wish her all the very best in her retirement.

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Layham Road Sports Ground

17 April 2019

It has always been the intention of Hadleigh Town Council to upgrade or rebuild the pavilion at Layham Road Sports Ground.  To this end a forward-thinking Councillor set up a sinking fun which currently stands at £60,000.  After discussions with clubs and users, proposals were drawn up and drawings provided for consideration.  After some changes to suit all users these drawings were finalised and submitted with a planning application to Babergh District Council.  Further detailed drawings were requested and these have been provided and the planning applications is awaiting consideration.  It is difficult to obtain grants until a planning application is approved but so far approaches have been made to Sport England and for CIL monies which have been unsuccessful at this time.  As well as seeking grants it is possible to apply for a Public Works Loan each year.  t has been advised previously that a full quantity survey has to be carried out to obtain a clearer price guide for this rebuild.  Rebuild costs in 2017 were estimated in the region of £1,500-£2,000 psqm.  The total area for this rebuild is estimated at 245 sqm.  This is only a general guide and not site specific,  if a more detailed price is required our Architects have said they could discuss with a Quantity Surveyor and potentially assist with an initial cost plan.  Planning approval, discussions on future management of the pavilion, funding etc. are ongoing regarding this project.

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Addendum to Cemetery Extension

26 March 2019

There appears to be some concern about whether or not the Council are aware of how many plots the cemetery extension will create.

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Hadleigh Cemetery Extension

22 March 2019

Hadleigh Town Council is pleased to announce that work on the cemetery extension will commence early April 2019.

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