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Coronavirus Updates

11 January 2021

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14th January 2021 - NHS SUFFOLK Virtual Covid Community Event

NHS Suffolk are hosting a virtual community event about COVID – so that your community can put their questions about the COVID-19 pandemic to a panel of experts from local health and care services and community leaders.

They will also have the opportunity to hear local updates on the pandemic and how the vaccination process is being rolled out in the region.

The event will be hosted on Microsoft Teams on 21 January at 6.00-7.30pm.

You do not need to book a place in advance and can join by clicking the following link: https://sneevaccine.org.uk/event/

The expert panel will include Executive Lead Suffolk and North East Essex Integrated Care System, Dr Ed Garratt; Director of Public Health, Suffolk County Council, Stuart Keeble; Ipswich GP, Dr Juno Jesuthasan; local community leader Gulshan Kayembe; Business and Operations Director at Ipswich and Suffolk Council for Racial Equality, Phanuel Mutumburi; CEO Healthwatch Suffolk, Andy Yacoub; and Chair, North East Essex Clinical Commissioning Group, Dr Hasan Chowhan.


11th January 2021 - Mayor's Comments on New Strain Threat

Everyone will have seen that coronavirus cases are still rising fast. Even though Hadleigh has an incidence quite a bit below the national average, the rate is now 466 per 100000. The new variant of CV is much more easily caught than the original form of the virus which put the country into lockdown in the spring. That is why our hospitals are under pressure like never before - just remember those interviews with utterly exhausted nurses on the News.

So it’s not surprising that severe restrictions have been imposed. But does it feel like it did in April to you? It doesn’t to me even though the situation is actually more dangerous now than it was 9 months ago. The roads were empty last time - it’s not like that now, but it should be. There may be things you can do this time you couldn’t last time, but that doesn’t mean you should do them. Sure, the vaccine roll out is starting today in Suffolk, but many people will have to wait months to receive it, and even people who do receive it soon will be vulnerable for about 3 weeks before the jab takes effect.

So please remember - you may leave your house only for very specific reasons. Do not mix with people outside your household - that is the main way the virus is transmitted. When you are out, obey the social distancing rules and wear a mask - you may be feeling fine but you can still carry the virus and pass it to people who will get seriously ill if they catch it.

It may not be long before there is no room at Ipswich Hospital to treat you if you or someone you love gets bad case of the disease. Please take this seriously - just because something isn’t banned doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to do it!


23rd December 2020 - Mayoral Note on Coronavirus Tier Update

The Secretary of State has just announced that Suffolk will be put into Tier 4 at midnight on Christmas Day. I don’t think we can be too surprised at this - tho Tier 3 would have been less restrictive obviously - given how close to us the severest restrictions already are. But at least we have escaped the worst in the run up to Christmas.
The new rules will mean the closure of many businesses in the High Street, and they face a very difficult time once more. Please give them all the support you can in the meantime.
Many people will be confined to their homes by the new rules as well - so please look out for your friends and neighbours, as everyone has done so brilliantly in the past. Our community spirit got us through a very severe crisis in November, and we can certainly do it again. This will be hard to bear mentally and physically, but just remember that the vaccination programme will be starting soon after Christmas, so the end is in sight.
Stay safe, Hadleigh!

21st December 2020 - Covid-19 Tier Update written by Hadleigh Town Mayor

Many people will have heard by now of the stricter rules being put into place in areas right on our doorstep - all the parts of Essex that were in Tier 3 are in a new Tier 4, which effectively means going back into full lockdown, and people are not to travel outside Tier 4 areas. These comprise more or less London and the Home Counties. The Xmas 3 household bubble may now only happen on Christmas Day itself. The change has been driven by the emergence of a strain of the virus which is much more contagious than the one we have been dealing with up to now.
This is awful news for all the people who had made plans to see family and friends they hadn’t seen for ages. Here in Hadleigh we are not too badly placed, although cases have started to rise again even here, and there has been a big rise across Mid Suffolk. It is vital that we observe the rules strictly to keep what could be a far worse situation at bay.
These are grim times indeed - let us all hope for the happiest and most peaceful Christmas they will allow us.



27th November 2020 - Hadleigh Town Mayor on Leaving Lockdown

Everyone will know by now of the somewhat eased restrictions we will be living under in Tier 2 from next Wednesday, and it’s good news that so many businesses will be able to reopen. We do need to bear in mind though that Hadleigh still has a much higher incidence of the virus than most other parts of Suffolk. I know there are people who dispute the figures or who doubt the prevalence of the virus altogether. I would ask that you think of those people who do fear being infected or unwittingly passing it on to someone else, and join the rest of us in sticking by the rules in order to help the vulnerable feel safer around the town, out of kindness if not conviction.
But things are looking up - we can all look forward to a brighter Christmas than we at one time feared, all our lovely shops will be open, and our pubs and restaurants back in action (if not quite as fully as we’d all like!). So let’s take heart - but also stay safe.


19th November 2020 - Covid-19 Update from Hadleigh Town Mayor

The most recent government figures out the incidence of COVID-19 in the Hadleigh area at over 800 per 100,000. That is an extremely high number, and only emphasises how vital it is that we all follow the guidelines to get the rate down. If we do not, it is hard to see how the possible end of national restrictions on 2nd December will make any difference here.

The County Council’s community intervention team will be active in the town centre on Saturday. Please engage with them if you see them - get the latest information, learn about the support you can get if you need to self-isolate, and spread the word!

Stay safe, Hadleigh!


13th November 2020 - Update from Hadleigh Town Mayor

Covid is becoming a very serious issue for Hadleigh, and we believe is the first place in Suffolk to have a Covid special alert. It is really important that we all look out for one another now - by observing all the guidance we have had about distancing, masks and hand washing, but also by keeping a look out for our friends and neighbours. Everyone here should now be avoiding leaving the house unless it is absolutely essential, to take children to school for instance, or for food. Please keep on using our local shops - they need our support at this very difficult time - but be very conscious of the rules and look out for others all the time.

Stay safe, Hadleigh!


11th November 2020

Sadly Hadleigh must now be seen as a Covid hotspot following the news that a cluster of cases has been discovered at a care home here. This must be a very difficult time for the staff and residents involved and the Town Council sends them all our very best wishes as they deal with this. It also brings home the importance of following the government’s guidance on wearing a mask, keeping a safe distance from other people and regularly washing your hands.

 Stay safe, Hadleigh!

 Covid-19 symptoms can include

  1. A high temperature
  2. New, continuous cough
  3. Loss of taste or smell

If you have any of the above, please return home, self-isolate and book a test at nhs.uk/coronavirus or call 111.

Thank you for your understanding and assistance during this uncertain time.